Bahrain Garden Club
Welcome to the Bahrain Garden Club, a relatively small but extremely active club which enjoys a multi-national membership.  We have our own spacious premises in Jufair, with Library, Lecture Hall and video facilities, which enable us to provide a wide range of subjects of horticultural interest, and a pleasant garden for members to enjoy.  In addition to clubhouse meetings, we arrange outside trips to local places of interest, and by invitation, visits to members’ own gardens.

We are affiliated to a prestigious UK Organizations, the Royal Horticultural Society.  They provide the guidelines we apply to organizing the annual open show which is recognized as the premier event of the Bahrain Spring Calendar. ...Read more
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Date:  January, 2016

                         Summer Holidays

        Office is open from 9 am to 1 pm.
        All other activities will resume on
        5th September 2017.

        We wish you all pleasant holidays.


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THE BGC is Affiliated to The Royal Horticultural Society - UK since 1966